Capturing Motherhood

There was a time when women felt shy to show their baby bump. They thought that it was something to be covered rather than shown in public. Not only women but society also resisted the showing of the baby bump. It was believed that motherhood is sacred and shouldn’t be showcased and showing pregnancy is indecent.  In art as in life, it is often unclear whether an actual state of pregnancy is intended to be shown. Pregnant women were expected not to be photographed. A research study conducted by Pierre Bourdieu in 1963 found that the French thought that a photo of a pregnant woman could not be beautiful. Take the case of More Demi Moore – seven months pregnant woman who appeared nude on the cover of Vanity Fair. In 1991, this was one of the most controversial topics of that time. Vanity Fair cover had a long lasting effect on society. Since then, many other celebrities posed for photographs in their pregnancy period though not necessarily nude. This trend made pregnancy photos fashionable also known as maternity photography.

Now, times have changed. Women feel no more shy in showing their baby bump. Maternity photography is the new emerging field in photography. It’s very common nowadays as most of the women get their maternity shoot done. Maternity photos are important for documenting your life changing moment that will be cherished life long.

In my opinion maternity photographs are the most beautiful as they capture the real emotions of a mother toward her soon- to- be- little one. 

Following are some suggestion for maternity shoot:-

1) Perfect time to shoot?

Unlike other shoots, maternity shoots have a specific timing. It can’t be done in the early stages of pregnancy. It has to be done in the later stage of pregnancy to produce the best results. Try to schedule your shoot sessions in the seventh or eighth month of pregnancy because the baby bump at that time has the perfect round shape and if you are counting in weeks then around 30 weeks is the preferable timing. Maternity shoot after your eighth month can be uncomfortable for you. The belly feels very heavy and it might not lead you to do your best in the shoot session.

2) Locations for maternity shoot?

Location for the maternity shoot totally depends on you. It can be outdoors in the natural light of the sun giving more life to your photos or you can choose to do it inside a studio or even at your home. Talking of the outdoor location, there are a variety of it like – gardens, parks, monuments or tombs and whatnot. The best timing for outdoor shoot is in the ‘Golden hour’ i.e the time just after the sunrise and before the sunset, during which the sunlight is redder and softer than when the sun is higher in the sky.

3) Clothes to wear for maternity shoots?

The mother should preferably  wear body hugging clothes so that the baby bump could be seen clearly in photos but make sure they must feel comfortable.

Floor touching clothes would also go!

4) Props for shoot?

To make your photos look more creative and fun use props related to your shoot. For maternity shoots you can use props like:-

1.) Stuffed toys

2.) Chalk boards

3.)Little kid shoes

4.)Clothes of the baby



7,) Mom to be sash

8.) Dad to be sash

9.)Rose petals


And many more… (As per client’s choice)

CONCLUSION: I hope this article helped you to gain more knowledge about what maternity photography is.

Mother’s love is unconditional towards her child and capturing these moments makes these moments live forever.

Being a recent field of photography this will gain more  acceptance world wide. It’s one of the most popular upcoming  fields in photography. 

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